About the Journal

International Journal of Linguistics and Indigenous Culture (IJLIC) explores and contributes to the field of linguistics, with a specific emphasis on indigenous languages and cultures worldwide.

The journal aims to publish research articles, scholarly papers, and studies that delve into various aspects of linguistics, including language structure, phonetics, syntax, semantics, Pragmatics, sociolinguistics, language preservation, language revitalization, and language policies, all within the context of indigenous cultures. It serves as a platform for researchers, linguists, anthropologists, and experts to share insights, knowledge, and findings related to the intricate relationships between language, culture, and society, particularly about indigenous communities. The journal seeks to promote cross-cultural understanding, celebrate linguistic diversity, and contribute to preserving and appreciating indigenous languages and cultures worldwide through its diverse range of contributions.

The International Journal of Linguistics and Indigenous Culture (IJLIC) is an open-access scholarly publication committed to advancing the exploration and comprehension of linguistics within the global context of indigenous cultures.